Mined Out! is a game made in C# that works like Minesweeper... if you had to walk through the minefield!

Mined Out! timelapse at 32x speed. Rarely do I cross a minefield without blowing up.


I used the diamond-square algorithm to generate a heightmap, then used ncurses to display it in the terminal with colors and varying-intensity ASCII characters.

A top-down view of a sandy beach.


Connect Four

  • 2015-04-16

As a part of Mobile App Development, I made a Connect 4 game in HTML5 (<canvas> and JavaScript). The win detection was challenging to implement.

I encourage you to look at the source code. One of the requirements of the project was to make sure only one object (a ConnectFour constructor function) was exposed to the page. Every variable of the game must be located in that function, to prevent cluttering the global scope.

Kinect Fore

This text should have changed.

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This Hamming codeword checker was made after learning about it in a Computer Architecture lecture. It showcases my ability to understand bitwise operations and translate lengthy procedures into algorithms.

I encourage you to look at the source code.

Enter the a hamming codeword (like 011100101010) and hit "Validate". The checker will step through the codeword and determine whether or not it's valid.

Enter your codeword:

SFML Shader

  • 2015-04-16

I made a demonstration of OpenGL's fragment shader with SMFL.NET

The shader in action


New Site

  • 2015-04-16

This is a test post. Check out the "About Me" page on the sidebar.