I am a computer science student at IPFW, with experience in all sorts of different topics, languages, libraries, algorithms, and technologies. A subset of these are listed below. Click on one for a list of all projects/blog posts that concern each (if applicable).

Some projects I haven't written about yet:

  • I was a programmer (and sometimes engineer) for one of many VEX robotics teams from Zionsville High School. Lots of techniques were invented there, but I was most proud of the original use of jumper clips for "DIP switches". They allowed the operator to toggle between a number of autonomous sequences without having to recode, recompile, or redownload, which isn't possible in such a time-critical situation.
  • A representative from a popular online gaming community contracted me to build a server application that would check for new donations and reward community players based on the amount given.
  • A friend, Jordan, and I set out to make a multiplayer game, with no more direction than that. We completed a game called "Boxcar Bandits".
    • I knew how multiplayer games worked, and wanted to put it to the test. Jordan, a friend of mine, suggested we work on a game together. He provided the bulk of the art and game design, and we shared the programming. I did the majority of the networking. We both collaborated towards what we wanted the game to play like, and our ideas flowed fast.
    • C# is my favorite language. SFML.NET handles the client drawing, and Lidgren simplifies the networking.
    • When you begin the game, you are placed on a high-speed train with the role of a cowboy or bandit. You must use one of 4 weapons (pistol, shotgun, remote mine) to take out the other players. You may place a healing tower to regain health, or a shielding tower to protect yourself from projectiles.