Mined Out! is a game made in C# that works like Minesweeper... if you had to walk through the minefield!

Mined Out! timelapse at 32x speed. Rarely do I cross a minefield without blowing up.

Mined Out! is a game like minesweeper. You walk from the top-left of the field to the bottom-right, avoiding buried mines. The mine detector at the top of the screen will tell you how many mines there are in the 8 spaces adjacent to your current location. When you step on a tile, you will either step on a mine and explode, ending the game, or you will leave a footprint, showing that it's safe to walk there. At any point, you have the ability to place a flag on an adjacent tile, which shows that you have proven the existence of a mine there. You use the arrow keys to walk, and hold the shift key to place a flag.

Once you reach the bottom right, the game ends, and you are shown the location of all the mines. Flags that were correctly placed on a mine will blink.

The game is inspired by a game of the same name released in the UK on the ZX Spectrum computer in 1983. Knowing this, I made it with a DOS aesthetic, though it runs on top of the SFML.NET graphics library.

After submitting the project, I found the game design so interesting that I spent a few days programming this AI, which will complete any stage thrown at it. It looks slightly more mechanical, but unlike the above video, this AI is running in real-time.

This AI that I designed is completing the game at lightning speed.